Sam is at the helm of 

Local Stewardship, Energy Independence

& Regional Resilience for the South Coast.


Far too long has Coos County suffered from poverty and economic disadvantage. Yet we have the resources and we have the know how to make our community vibrant and thrive. All we need is the leadership to succeed.

We can and will bring new family wage jobs in the lucrative Blue Economy & Advanced Technology sectors, while simultaneously Boosting ALL other EXISTING Local Commerce without compromising the Environment. 

We can and will achieve long-term social and economic viability while claiming energy independence for the South Coast.

I will continue serving the community, navigating the political differences in Coos County, building upon our common threads to lead us to a brighter future.  Click the OCEAN tab to learn how we can claim energy independence for the South Coast and pave the way for new industry in Advanced Tech and Micro-Grid solutions!

We are ready. We are resilient. We are Coos County Strong.

UPDATE:   5/1   MAY  DAY  2020

Listened in on the very first Coastal Corral this morning, a legislative meet up, featuring Sen. Jeff Merkley, Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Betsy Johnson, Arnie Roblan and many more... the bottom line is that the economy is basically screwed, therefore so is the tax base. The coastal communities will be hit the hardest and they know that we'll need the most support because we rely on tourism for restaurant, hotel, retail, gas tax, etc... the budgets are all going to tank. It's brutal. We know this. However, it is prime time to restructure our economy, become more self reliant and rethink the way we do everything. We are fortunate to be rural, in a land filled with resources. Let us be wise. The change is real. Transition is upon us. Buckle up folks. Plant your gardens. Wyden mentioned the importance of Food Reserves filled with frozen fish!

I support that notion fully. We can put our local small fisheries to work with purpose and feed our coastal regions, maintain a consistent price for the catch. Feed the people. Claim independence in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable, putting our energy into Regional Resilience. I am excited. Stay calm. Reach out if you need help. Think global, act local. Stay safe. Stay strong. ✊🏽 Be kind.


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